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NEW! 2015 Texas DPS Gang Threat Assessment

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NEW!  The Law Against Hiring or Harboring Illegals

 DPS Summary of  Significant Border Incidents

2014 Texas DPS Human Trafficking Threat Assessment

2014 Texas DPS Gang Threat Assessment

Estimated cost for K-12 education of UAC (illegals) - from

2012 – 2016 Border Patrol National Strategy The Mission: Protect America

Houston HIDTA 2012 Threat Assessment 

Illegal Alien Fact Sheet

Unauthorized Immigrant Population: national and State Trends, 2010

A Line in the Sand: Confronting the Threat at the Southwest Border

CRS Report for Congress Mexico’s Drug Cartels

Archived News Articles From April 2012

9 suspected illegal immigrants die in Texas wreck

 Homeland Security announces its latest alien forgive and forget program: Guzzardi

Author of Alabama immigration law offers revisions to sections put on hold by courts

Obama Admin. Quietly Passes New Immigration Rule

Larson wants Mexico to reimburse Texas for illegal immigrants

Kyle police halt smuggling of dozen illegal immigrants

Archived News Articles From March 2012

 Cleaning up the border

Starr County mayors upset over lack of funding

Visas for Sale

Rise In Local, Federal Perks For Illegal Immigrants

Nation’s Toughest Immigration Law Stays Put For Now

31 charged as part of decade-long human smuggling organization

Archived News Articles From February 2012

Georgia, Alabama illegal immigration laws headed to appeals court Thursday

West Texas County Commissioner arrested on Drug, Money Laundering Charges

Border Spillover Violence is a National Reality

Packing Heat on the Border

Car Jack used to Breach Border Fence

One person killed in Thursday rollover after Border Patrol pursued vehicle

Attrition Through Enforcement

Hezbollah Eyeing Southern Border

Mexican Firefight Ends on US Side

Illegal Aliens are Leaving Arizona

San Diego Restaurant Owner Fined

Archived News Articles From January 2012

 Car Jack used to Breach Border Fence

Challenging US Census Policy of Counting Illegal Aliens When Apportioning Seats in Congress

Border Patrol to toughen policy

Laredo trial offers window into Zetas

Federal immigration chief: Cook County jail policy may be illegal

Drug cartel busted in Tyler

Can rank and file ICE officers save the counry from Obama’s lawlessness?

SAPD busts alleged human smuggling operation 

Illegal Immigrant Caught Collecting Unemployment In Connecticut

Archived News Articles From December 2011

Illegal Immigrant Slated for Deportation Went On To Kill

Businesses must check for illegal immigrants (S.C.)

Seven Texas Syndicate members denied bond

New Nexus Of Narcoterrorism Hezbollah And Venezuela

“Sanctuary City” status taken to new heights in Los Angeles

New Alabama Immigration Law Driving Down Unemployment?

Border Patrol agent fires round…

Obama-Holder crusade against Sheriff Joe intensifies

Illegal alien charged in middle school shooting

Occupy Immigration: OWS Rally Aims to Recruit Immigrants

US proposes unmanned border crossing with Mexico

Middle Eatern Terrorists Plan U.S. Attack From Mexico

Armored boats added to DPS arsenal 

Drug, Human Smuggling, Cartel Shootouts With Police Escalate In Rio Grande Valley 

Are Obama deportations truly aimed at ‘criminals’?

Archived News Articles From November 2011

Deportation Claims Questioned

Dr. Mike Vickers on NBC Nightly News

Patrolling ‘smugglers’ alley’ by air along the Rio Grande

Along Mexican border, US ranchers say they live in fear

Civil rights commission to review Ga. immigration law

Armed illegals stalked Border Patrol

Zetas blamed for shootout in Houston

Eagle Pass Becoming Amunition Hotspot

Los Zetas Cell taken down in Chicago

Battle for the Border: Drug Cartels Operating out of Dallas

Battle for the Border: A Look Inside a Federal Vault

Undocumented students grateful to Perry for defending in=state tuition law

Deportations Under New U.S. Policy Are Inconsistent

Texas Border Volunteers: The new breed of “Minute Men”

Border Battle: Drugs and bodies piling up on ranch

Obama rolls back immigration enforcement, again

Rape suspect flagged as illegal immigrant was released weeks before Dallas Murder

Mexican gunmen flee into Starr County

SWAT teams dispatched as gun battle unfolds near Escobares

Napolitano subpoenaed for illegals data

Attorney General Abbott Calls for President Obama to Take Action Following Mexican Drug Cartel Violence inTexas

 Archived News Articles From October 2011

Sheriff Says Shooting of Deputy an Example of Spillover Violence

Smugglers Using ‘Cloned’ Vehicles To Move Drugs

Border Patrol Agent gets two years in prison for handcuffing drug smuggler

Mexican president says criminal alien deportations fuels violence

Out of Control (Brooks County) 

Narco-Terrorism’s Threat to the Southern U.S. Border

Cartel connection reveals why La Familia targeted Austin

First Illegal Alien Arrested Under Alabama Immigration Law is From YEMEN

Archived News Articles From September 2011

Governor reappoints Falfurrias Veterinarian to state animal health commission

Mexican Army in armed standoff IN AMERICA!

Obama administration appeals Alabama immigration law

ICE sweep nets 2,900 illegals

Public Safety Commission discusses Border Security report

U.S. Generals Release Border Security Report

Who Benefited from Job Growth In Texas?

Agents Seize More than Two Tons of Marijuana and Arrest Violent Felon

Suspect links meth found in falfurrias to Gulf Cartel’s No. 2 leader

Border Patrol finds rocket launcher, grenade launcher, explosives near Rio Grande

Border Group: Obama Amnesty “Contempt for Law”

Illegal immigrant sues Nebraska to get Medicaid for her unborn baby

Illegal Immigrants Fight To Keep Driver’s License

Immigration Offenses Make Latinos New Majority in Federal Prisons

Mexican military flies over South Texas

Border Incursions: Possible Security Threat To The Nation 

Undocumented workers got billions from IRS in tax credits

Labor Dept Promises Fair Wages to Illegal Aliens

Archived News Articles From August 2011

Texas DPS targets drug traffickers on the border

CBP U.S. Border Patrol Agents Seize More than 6 Tons of Marijuana

Alabama awaits ruling on immigration law

Finding the Lost

Obama to deport illegals by ‘priority’

Several arrested in immigration protests

Immigrants Plead For End To Fingerprint Sharing

Controversial Developments in Murder of Border Agent

Arizona appeals immigration law case to Supreme Court

Illegal immigration debate continues to heat up in Springfield 

Obama and illegal aliens: DHS sued for status reports on arrests

Falfurrias Woman is Killed After Car Crashes Through Bedroom

Archived News Articles From July 2011

‘Spillover’ Violence From Mexico

Honduran Gangs Receive U.S. Weapons 

Arizona Law denies recognition to Mexican counselar ID cards

Sheriff Dept Makes a Large Weapons Seizure

Sheriff Arpaio arrests dozens

Shots fired from Mexico

Archived News Articles from June 2011

Battle in Brooks County

…Mexican Cartel operations in Harris Co.

Judge blocks key parts of Georgia immigration law

Hispanics flee from new Alabama immigration law

Virginia Official Prepares to Sue Feds Over Illegal Immigrant Files

2 More Illegal Immigrants Found Dead in Brooks County

“A couple of hundred American cities are infested by members of the Mexican cartels.”

Fugitive Wanted in Sweden Captured in Phoenix

Immigration bill to track education spending

Roadway firefight kills 1 east of Edinburg; gunmen sought

Agents arrest man who claims ties to Gulf Cartel, La Familia since he was 15

Border issues not confined to border

Border Patrol agent dragged in Brownsville smuggling incident

The Harmful Effect of Unskilled Immigrants on American Workers

Archived News Articles from May 2011

Border Pictures Worth 1,000 Words

Greta Up Close at the Border

Illegal Immigrant Arrested in Death of Texas Police Officer

Arizona Man Looks to Law in Bid to Retrieve Ranch

You pay nearly $1B a year to house illegal immigrant prisoners

Mexican authorities find 513 illegal immigrants in 2 tractor-trailers

Border Patrol Agents Rescue 12 Illegal Aliens from Extreme Conditions

Border Patrol agents involved in a shootout near Mission

Terrorist Group Setting Up Operations Near Border

Feds Allow Illegal Aliens to Cross Border 14 Times before Charging Them With Felony, Sheriff Tells Congress

Ariz. Gov. Jan Brewer Signs Law Authorizing Security Fence

Four illegal aliens arrested after allegedly robbing, killing man in Texas

Archived News Articles from April 2011

Ariz. amendment clears ranchers from illegal immigrant suit

Brutal Mexican drug gang crosses into U.S.

Border Patrol: 28 illegal immigrants rescued since Thursday

Castro Helps Obama Fashion New Immigration Amnesty Proposal

Appeals Court Rules Against Arizona Law

‘Cloned’ Border Patrol Pickup

Mexican cartels corrupting more US border officials?

DPS choppers help put the dog in the fight against smugglers

Alabama House passes Arizona-style immigration law

CIS report: Welfare Use by Immigrant Households

Federal Judge rules against ACLU, denies illegal aliens bail…press ignores

Cartels threaten to kill Texas Rangers, ICE agents

Federal Agents Told to Reduce Border Arrests

Negative effects of government funding of illegal immigrants

Archived News Articles from March 2011

Napolitano: Security Along U.S.-Mexico Border ‘Better Now Than It Has Ever Been’

DOJ Memo Confirms Terrorists Have Crossed the Border

Illegal immigrants in Marine Uniforms arrested

New Mexico Passes . . . Bill To Ban Driver’s Licenses For Undocumented Immigrants 

Utah Passes Arizona-Style Immigration Law

Firm’s owner gets 10 months for hiring illegal immigrants

Sanctuary city bill clears committee

TBV Member Jim Gibson on Pay Attention Radio

Archived News Articles from February 2011

Illegal document mill busted in Va.

You Have the Right

Case details South Texas smuggling network, possible Zeta plot to attack deputies

Bill would force hospitals to report illegal immigrants to feds

Oklahoma Senate Panel Pushes Forward Bill Eliminating ‘Birthright Citizenship’

Arizona Senate Panel Passes Sweeping Bills Targeting Illegals, Birthright Citizenship

‘Project Gunwalker’

Border agents find unusually large group of illegal immigrants

Hezbollah Working with Cartels

Virginia County Sues DHS for Illegal Immigrant Records

Archived News Articles from January 2011

Immigrant database failed to detect suspect before rape of young girl

Controversial Muslim cleric caught being smuggled into U.S. over Mexico border

Border Patrol finds weapons cache near Rio Grande

Mexican gunman fires across border

Archived News Articles from December 2010

Ranching No Man’s Land

Texas family forced to leave ranch

Stricter rules for entry are ignored at border 

4 in custody in shooting death of Border Patrol agent 

DHS confirms cheaper to deport

Border Patrol resumes release . . . at Texas-Mexico border

Archived News Articles from November 2010

An educated guess on Texas students in the U.S. illegally

America’s Third War: Uncovering Border Tunnels

Narco-War on the Southern Border

Obama pressed to send Guard to border

ICE agents bust armed ‘drug convoy’ in San Benito

‘Arizona-style’ bill, other anti-illegal immigrant measures filed in Texas

Mexican violence threatens Texas’s Rio Grande Valley

America’s Third War: Texas Strikes Back

Border Patrol confiscates more than 11 tons of pot

DPS targets cartel-enlisted U.S. gangs

Archived News Articles from October 2010

Arizona cops bust illegal immigrant smuggling ring

Immigration cases being tossed by the hundreds

USCIS official’s transfer probed 

Archived News Articles from September 2010

Sanders only U.S. mayor at border conference

Body found in river near Rio Grande City with no head or hands

85 Inmates Escape Mexican Prison Near Texas

Sheriff: Mexican Cartels Control Parts of Arizona

Archived News Articles from August 2010

Judicial Watch Client Asks Appellate Court to Reverse SB 1070 Injunction

ICE’s Mission Melt: Agents Vote ‘No Confidence’ in Leadership

Border Patrol Asked To Stop ‘Terrorizing’ Colonia Residents

Archived News Articles from July 2010

U.S. cousulate in Ciudad Juarez to close

Obama administration considers bypassing Congress on immigration reform

Hemorrhagic variant of dengue fever rising in Mexico, moving closer to US border after floods

The Unarmed National Guard Will Guard Computers

Police: Illegal Immigrants Raped 14-Year-Old Texas Girl at July 4th Party

Terrorists: The ‘Other’ Illegal Immigrants

Reduced overtime stymies Border Patrol

Illegal Immigration a $113 Bllion a Year Drain on U.S. Taxpayers

Archived News Articles from June 2010

El Paso City Hall Struck By Bullets

MORON: Obama’s Immigration Chief Orders Release of ALL Violent Criminal Illegal Aliens

Massive bust nets suspects, drugs in 18 states

Archived News Articles from May 2010

Waiting Their Turn

Feds Issue Terror Watch for the Texas/Mexico Border

Mayor Defends Immigration Procedure For Arrests

Investigators: Edmonds rape suspect deported nine times

Archived News Articles from April 2010

Channel 2 Investigates U.S. Border Security Part 1

Foreign ‘terrorists’ breach U.S. border

Drug war violence appears in Mexico’s northeast, near Texas Border

Sheriff To Texas Border Town: ‘Arm Yourselves

As agents clear out Mexican gangs, more brutal ones move in

REGION: Congress steps into border-crossing cell phone debate

Somalis with terrorist links feared headed to U.S. border

Mexicans Facing Drug War Violence Could Seek Political Asylum in U.S.

Border violence threatens Americans

Archived News Articles from March 2010

Borders Breached: Mexican helicopters fly over Texas

Texas Town on High Alert as Mexican Town Across Border Braces for Cartel Gun Battle

Eritrean man pleads guilty to alien smuggling

Arizona Rancher’s Killing Sparks Calls to Beef UP Border Security

Perry implements ‘Phase One’ of border violence plan

…cartel shooting at McAllen Walmart

U.S. downplays Mexican chopper incursion

CBP: Mexican cartels corrupting US border agents

ID Card for Workers Is at Center of Immigration Plan

3 Mexican nationals charged with running a counterfeit document mill

Accused murderer of 17-year-old boy deported to Mexico

Obama looking to give new life to immigration reform

Coke dealing gets woman 10 years

Twenty-Six MS-13 Gang Members Indicted…

Trafficking probe nets 10 Mexican migration agents

U.S. ‘surge’ targets immigrants who have criminal records

Archived News Articles from February 2010

284 arrested in ICE operation…

More than 20 immigrants held in NW Harris County

Va. man accused of helping smuggle Somalis into U.S.

Significant’ Mexican drug lord in U.S. court

Border-area home invasion

ICE arrests 104 people during operation targeting illicit transportation businesses

Agent’s suspected killer had escaped Border Patrol

Archived News Articles from January 2010

Haitians in country illegally can stay

Once-Deported Illegal Alien Kills Female Deputy

AZ border agent kills suspected illegal immigrant

Three held in Palmview home invasion

South Texan may be the next drug king

Archived News Articles from December 2009

ICE issues new procedures for asylum seekers as part of ongoing detention reform initiatives

Lawsuit challenges in-state tuition for illegal immigrants

Archived News Articles from November 2009

Pickups stolen here used for immigrant smuggling, authorities say

Getting back to U.S. tougher for deportees

Mexico’s Zetas gang buys businesses along border in move to increase legitimacy

Texas Border Volunteers – Standing Watch

Teen pleads guilty in killing of agent

Maine Town is Riven by Housing Dispute

Hundreds in Dallas County deported before their trials

Perry: Obama punishes Texas with border program

Secure Communities Initiative identified more than 111,000 aliens charged with or convited of crimes in its first year

Houston sheriffs round up thousands of illegals

East African, Asian immigrants caught near Brownsville

Archived News Articles from October 2009

Zetas terrorizing Mexican border cities

HDP won’t screen for immigration

91 from Dallas-Fort Worth area arrested in ICE crackdown on gangs

Texas man accused of leaving 2 children in field

Border Patrol agents arrest 19-year-old wanted for murder

Archived News Articles from September 2009

Perry’s latest border security plan draws local criticism

3 men indicted for harboring and holding aliens hostage

Archived News Articles from August 2009

New York City murder suspect caught near Falfurrias checkpoint

Valley called ‘front line’ against human trafficking

Showdown in Zapata County

Archived News Articles from July 2009

Man possibly linked in border agent’s killing had been deported

Mexican brothels coming to a neighborhood near you

3 plead guilty to alien smuggling

New Curbs Set on Arrests of Illegal Immigrants

Archived News Articles from June 2009

Lou Dobbs: Amnesty Bill Provisions

Job Program Sparks Controversy

146 arrested in gang sweep

San Francisco D.A.’s program trained illegal immigrants for jobs they couldn’t legally hold

Welasco man kidnapped from front yard

Highlighting Recent FBI Gang Investigations

Abuse of Trust: The Case of the Crooked Border Official

Archived News Articles from May 2009

10 mayors, other Mexico officials detained

EXCLUSIVE: Cartels use kids to breach U.S. border

Man dies from heat, four rescued by Border Patrol in past week

Archived News Articles from April 2009

Exclusive: Legal Aliens with Swine Flu May Not Enter U.S. – But What About Illegal Aliens?

Swine flu, Mexico Lung Illness Heighten Pandemic Risk (Update2)

Three arrested in connection with kidnapping, sexual assault of STC student

Illegal immigrant gets 15 years for molesting 13-year-old

Austin-based U.S. attorney resigns

Archived News Articles from March 2009

Obama to boost U.S.-Mexico border security, but won’t send troops yet

Arizona Court Upholds Right of Border Area Citizens to Protect Themselves

Archived News Articles from February 2009

Fox News: Texas Went on the Alert for the First Time…

16 illegals sue rancher who catches them on his land

Archived News Articles from January 2009

Another immigrant chase ends in Palmview

Bush cuts sentences of Ramos, Compean

DPS sued over tighter rule for immigrant drivers

‘Attempted hit’ put on Ramos family

Sri Lankan nationals detained at McAllen airport

Brownsville woman faces fifth charge for transporting undocumented immigrants

Mukasey: Aliens Have No Right toEffective Assistance of Counsel

Kidnappings in Mexico Send Shivers Across Border

Mexico’s drug violence expected to intensify in ’09

Archived News Articles from December 2008

Investigation: Freedom Toll

Exclusive: Five-Year Terror Report Exposes Holes in Border Security

Smuggling of Chinese into Texas is on the rise

Jefferson Transit mulls policy in case Border Patrol boards its busses

In Mexico, Assassins of Increasing Skill

Mexico to return man sought in killing

Texas’ new guidelines for immigrant licenses under fire

Cops: Suspected Illegals Plotted Kidnap of Texas Corn Dog Scion

Archived News Articles from November 2008

Law and Disorder

Archived News Articles from October 2008

Archived News Articles from September 2008

Archived News Articles from July 2008

Archived News Articles from June 2008

Mexico’s legislators: fortify Mexican Identity in the U.S.

“Operation Streamline” to jail illegal immigrants

U.S., Mexico launch unprecedented effort to disrupt cross-border weapons smuggling

Several human remains of illegal immigrants found in Brooks County

Live Oak authorities look for immigrants

Archived News Articles from May 2008

A New Argument About Immigration

Leftwingers Seek to Muzzle

Immigration Critics

Archived News Articles from April 2008

S.F. topped border counties for crime grant

Archived News Articles from February 2008

Victory in Valley Park

Archived News Articles from November 2006

Citizenship Agency Lost 111,000 Files