Illegal Aliens


More CTs picked up on private ranch

CTs on private ranch awaiting CBP

Eyes on activity

Air assets


CT found on ranch out of water

CT found on ranch out of water picked up by CBP

Group of 3 reported and taken into custody by CBP



End of the road for several more illegals being loaded up!

Two more waiting on a green and white taxi back to their home country!


National Institute of Migration of Mexico issues travel document to a Cuban! 7 days later the paper work is found on a ranch in Brooks Co.(70 mi. north of the Tex/Mex border)!

April Watch

This one’s too good not to post on this page…

Not “exactly” what you’d expect to find out in the middle of a 50,000+ acre ranch, now is it??!!!

El Sal illegal apparently sharing his views on being discovered trespassing on private ranch land. Wonder if he shared that same opinion with Border Patrol.

March Watch

IA from Guatemala discovered on private ranch

Border Patrol responds quickly to pick up Guatemalan illegal

February Watch

Two more IAs escorted off private land

Four illegals reported by TBV and apprehended by Border Patrol

End of the road

Waiting on agents


December Watch

Injured Honduran rescued by TBV

August Watch

End of the road for 12 of 13 illegals spotted by TBV and reported to and captured by BP

Rescue of female single abandoned by her group

June Watch

End of the line

May Watch

End of the line for Tango Blaster coyote and company!

NEW!! – Tango Blaster cargo apprehended by Border Patrol

End of the road!

Youth – May watch

Two more IAs

4 illegals from El Salvador

Loading up suspected coyotes

Suspected coyote


Illegal aliens apprehended and secured by Border Patrol during the Nov.2013 watch.


Group of 6 CTs abandoned by coyote

Group of 12 CTs

Husband comes out of brush to be with wife as she falls ill

El Salvadorian woman with 7 year old daughter and distressed female from Mexico

March watch: Rescue of a lone 13 yr old El Salvadorian boy

March watch:  Clothes ripped from walking thru thorns & brush

March watch: A portion of a group of 41 IA’s apprehend by Border Patrol

March watch: large group


Illegal aliens continue to trespass onto Falfurrias ranches. 2/9/2013


TBV January watch: 38 illegal aliens reported to Border Patrol


When agents are overwhelmed and low manned, they have the IA’s take their shoes off

gray hoodie did not want his picture taken

As a result of the Dream Act, an increase in juveniles are seen in illegal alien groups

Pregnant woman trying to slip into the country with an anchor baby

El Salvadorians

October 2012

MS-13 tattoo

MS-13 El Salvadorian apprehended after bailout

Part of a bailout August 2012

Part of a bailout August 2012


TBV rescued man and his nephew

  Rocks for throwing?                                                                                                      Persuaded to set rocks down!


Trying to negotiate

Death in the brush


Abandoned by Coyotes, Rescued by TBV


TBV spring watch 2011