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"Sanctuary Cities" Debate Renews

Toddler recovered from human smuggling venture

More Document Fraud

Iran moving sleeper cells into America?

Illegal immigrants forced to smuggle marijuana

Mexican . . . pleads guilty in killing of BP agent

Border apprehen- sions up by 50%

Operation Drawbridge

Deadly Crossing

Crash kills 4, injures 7

Eight Injured in Brooks County

Border Patrol Agent Killed

The Front Line: Dr. Mike Vickers

Arpaio: ICE refuses to pick up illegal immigrants

ICE special agents free 82 hostages

Feds Won't Arrest All Illegal Aliens

Department of Agriculture . . . on immigration

2 bodies found near Falfurrias

Texas youth soccer coach arrested

More Immigrants Die in Brooks County

Shots fired at Border Patrol agents

ICE Agents Protest Disciplinary Action for Enforcing Laws

Fingerprint Records Reveal 825,000 Immigrants With Multiple Names, Inconsistent Birth Dates

Mosquitoes carrying Dengue Fever concern officials near TX border

Honduras man convicted of Travis County sexual assault

Mississippi Gov: No state aid for illegal immigrants

Immigration agents file suit against Napolitano

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We need help down here

Insurgency in America


PFPOWH: Wilderness On The Border

NationalGeographic Border Wars: Failed Smuggling

Law Enforcement Agents apprehended OTMs that were

spotted and reported by the Texas Border Volunteers

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Trespassers from China and Eritrea found in Brooks County, TX


Mission Statement of The Texas Border Volunteers, Inc. (TBV)

The Mission of TBV is assisting law enforcement officials with securing the border, upholding the rule of law and educating the general public with regard to immigration issues.

The objectives include providing material and specific support to law enforcement agencies in securing the border from illegal immigration, and providing educational materials and activities aimed at informing the general public about immigration issues.  


Border Watches

The Texas Border Volunteers regularly conduct watches in South Texas.
Teams are deployed on private property and report trespassers
to the Border Patrol. 


 Members volunteer their time and provide their own equipment.

Training is provided.

Hidden Camera Video

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