Another possible rape tree found by a TBV member.


Not “exactly” what you’d expect to find out in the middle of a 50,000+ acre ranch, now is it??!!!



Matricula card and “other items” found during October watch!!

El Sal ID and phone

Rape tree found near TBV headquarters. Rape trees are becoming abundant in Brooks County!


Urdu Dictionary and Phrasebook found on Vicker’s ranch!

Portion of Chinese passport!

Rescue beacon in 3 languages!

Fatal car crashes caused by Coyotes

Approximately 8 lbs of marijuana found by TBV


A collage of ID’s found by TBV

French bible found 12/25/08

Knife found in brush

Ranchers dogs found skull in the brush

TBV Trash day pick up

TFIRE meeting


Children’s shoes left behind by illegals

Death is common in the summer months

Mexican Millitary ID

Rocks found in tree that were left behind by a MS-13 gang member

Tracks left by large group